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Class 1

Welcome to Class 1

Learning about different weather types around the world.

In Science we looked at the size of our bones compared to those of dinosaurs. we drew life size dinosaurs on the playground using our measuring skills.

Class One enjoyed a day out at the farm. All the children explored the work involved in running a farm; looking after the horses and dairy cows, the machinery used and how a dairy produces the milk. Huge thanks to Miss Gorst and her family for hosting us so well.

Recognising symbols on an Ordnance Survey Map

Understanding and Using Compass Directions

Reception did so well this afternoon, predicting and observing reversible and irreversible changes.

Years 1 and 2 have been ‘Working Scientifically’ to find out about living things. They used the enquiry approach of research to answer questions about food chains. They identified, grouped and classified animals and their habitats. The children worked together, producing a diorama to demonstrate their learning.

Mental Health Awareness Week runs from Monday 10 May to Sunday 16 May 2021. Since school re-opened Class 1 have been taking part in a weekly ‘mindfulness’ session. This week we explored managing our emotions, helping the children to build emotional intelligence by developing emotion regulation skills.

Today the children had a letter from The Emperor, he was very embarrassed about going out without his clothes and so he asked the children what he should be wearing for each season. Everyone was able to recognise and talk about differences in the seasons regarding the weather, plants and animals. They were also able to help him to sort out his wardrobe.

Reception have been learning about where our vegetables come from, how to grow them and what they need to keep them healthy. They are going to look after them and hopefully will have a super harvest later in the year.

Reception have been investigating what Humpty Dumpty could have done to prevent his shell from breaking when he fell off the wall. We looked at different insulators and how reducing the speed of the fall could have helped him. The children enjoyed experimenting with different materials, predicting what would and wouldn’t work.

Thank you to everyone who helped with The Hoity Toity Angel, performed by Class 1. Our Nativity this year felt very different without an audience but the children performed beautifully, we are all so proud of them.

Yesterday Class 1 enjoyed baking Christmas Gingerbread and decorated them today ready to take home. Home time can't come quick enough so they can taste them!

Reception enjoyed looking for signs of autumn yesterday as well as enjoying their first time in our forest area.

Understanding how to keep ourselves safe

Enjoying our maths

Learning about where our food comes from

In Forest school Class 1 learnt all about birds this week as it was RSPB’s Big Bird Watch on 25th – 27th January They made apple bird feeders

Class 1 had a fantastic visit to Crankshaw Fold Farm last week. The many activities included feeding chickens, then collecting, grading and boxing the eggs. The children fed the goats; helped tag the sheep as well as helping the farmer Dot collect samples. They enjoyed all the fresh air and exercise, including the walk up the BIG hill. #smallschoolBIGopportunities

Class 1 have been learning about road safety this half term. Today we practiced all we had learned.